Top 3 Metal Wall Sculptures

A Historical and Cultural Extravaganza on the Wall

Few wall artefacts or installations create a more powerful statement than the one created by a hand-crafted mural.  Murals are pieces of graphic artwork that involve painting directly on the wall or any other permanent substrate and involve a plethora of techniques.  Some of the common techniques used for murals include fresco, mosaic, graffiti and marouflage.  Murals are an excellent choice for large spaces and serve as perfect showstoppers or conversation starters in any room.  Derived from the Latin word “murus” which translates into wall, murals are a great way to introduce art into any space. 

Statement Murals from Artisticks

We at Artisticks have a wide variety of murals suitable for a plethora of commercial and residential spaces.  From simple classic pieces that suit minimalistic design sensibilities to highly intricate art pieces, we have murals to suit multiple décor styles, whether contemporary, ethnic, traditional or modern.  One project that we particularly enjoyed executing was the 20 feet customized mural installed at the DGP office in Chennai.  This 8-foot-wide masterpiece has an eclectic mix of historical, cultural and mythological elements making it an extremely attractive, eye-catching piece.  A labour of love and passion, this one sits proudly against a powder blue wall while lending the entire space a traditional and ethnic vibe. 

Unique Design

The mural made using white metal and mixed media is handcrafted and has distinctive components that are steeped in culture and tradition.  The entire piece has a subtle sheen and this matte finish gives the piece a dimension of subtle sophistication and under stated elegance.  The metallic colours give the piece a rich look and the palette is a winning combination of dull gold, copper, sage, lilac and iceberg blue.  The colours merge beautifully and seamlessly which gives the piece a timeless appeal.  The art work on the mural is divided roughly into three sections with gold dominating the upper portion of the two corners.  The central part and the lower portion of the mural has a medley of the rest of the hues.  This strategic division creates a wonderful play of light making it the cynosure of all eyes.


Reflection of our Rich History and Culture

Elephants, peacocks, kalashams, sages, Nandi (aka the holy bull), dancing apsaras, temple gopurams, bow and arrows, tigers…. the list of motifs depicted is almost endless.  They are all impeccably handcrafted and are a reflection of our fascinating past.  Intricate patterns, ornate carvings and delicate designs add to the overall beauty of the piece.  The motifs are related to the golden era of the Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas who ruled over Tamil Nadu during the Sangam period.  Architectural elements like pillars and the grandeur of temple towers have been showcased and so are the rock sculptures of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram).  Mythological figures and mythical creatures like water nymphs, fish, horses and powerful emperors are testament of the rich legacy of the past.  References to the 3rd century coupled with valiant scenes of the battle field make it a visually engaging piece.

The near perfect finishing and flawless execution makes this piece a true treasure and an asset from the house of Artisticks. With incredibly talented artisans working painstakingly on the mural for close to 35 Days, this mural was completed in the year of 2021 and handed over to the proud owners at DGP, Chennai.

Do take a look if you get a chance to visit the office and let us know what you think! We would love to hear your feedback.

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