The Evolution Of Jesus Wall Murals

Infusing Positivity in your Home

It is often said that only your home is your temple. This statement is indeed correct for your home can truly be a sacred abode if you choose to introduce décor accents that are not only auspicious but also induce serene and peaceful vibes.  Such elements can help accentuate a sense of favourableness, abundance and most importantly positive energy. 

Religious elements in home décor

The use of religious elements in the form of idols, symbols and photographs in home interiors have been in vogue since time immemorial.  And if you are looking to decorate your space with some classic murals and wall art inspired by Jesus Christ and Christianity, look no further than the extensive and versatile collection from the house of Artisticks.From bible verse wall décor to photo frames of Jesus Christ to Christian wall art, the range is eclectic and suitable for a wide variety of spaces.  These wall frames and wall art are easily available online and are perfect gifting ideas too.  Whether you are looking for religious gift items, catholic religious gifts or Christian marriage gifts, these artefacts are the perfect choice.             

Eclectic Range    


Artisticks houses a wide variety of wall murals inspired by Jesus Christ. These pieces of metal wall art are ideal accessories to accentuate the appearance of your living room, dining room, or even family room wall apart from your puja room.  Most of the wall murals are crafted in white metal and finished perfectly in metallic hues which gives it an elegant look. The black background adds in rich, stately vibes. The range has classic pieces that have the image of Jesus Christ which is flawlessly finished with utmost attention to detail. Aspects like the expression on the face, wrinkles on the hand and even the robes are awe inspiring to say the least. Features like the eyes are created beautifully and so are the other details like the hair, beard and wrinkles crafted to the tee. The figurines come in all sizes including full length, bust size as well as half length. 

Bespoke pieces

Apart from murals and wall art featuring Jesus Christ, the house of Artisticks also has some exclusive pieces if you are a fan of faith-based home décor.  If you are someone who likes abstract art, go in for the metal art piece that consists of a pair of hands replete with folds and wrinkles. A symbol of wisdom, experience and gratitude, this piece is perfect if your décor aesthetic is minimal or modern. Superior craftsmanship, flawless finishing and a unique design makes this piece a true showstopper which you can proudly display in your foyer, living, bedroom or even the dining space. 

The last supper is one of the most significant events in the life of Jesus Christ and is an important event in the history of Christianity.  As an ode to this event, the house of Artisticks has crafted a beautiful mural depicting this scene.  It truly captures the soul and essence of this divine happening and the beautiful imagery shows Jesus Christ and His disciples celebrating the Passover meal together.  The facial expressions and the whole creation is finished impeccably.  The earthy tones make it perfect to install against any background and this piece is a “must have” if you are a fan of bespoke art pieces.

Contemporary touches and Versatility

While the wall art pieces have traditional and time-honoured images, it is key to note that the overall look is chic and classy.  The use of interesting elements in terms of the black background, subtle touches of gold and understated sheen make the pieces versatile in that they can easily adorn the walls of a wide variety of spaces including the living and foyer area.  They also form for perfect gifting ideas especially if you are looking for religious and spiritual gift items.  They are ideal for all occasions be it a wedding, house warming or even as a gift for a friend.   

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